Dallas has been such a lifesaver for me. Reasonable rates, fast delivery, error-free work, and clear communication. He doesn’t just do what I ask him to. He does more, because he knows what I haven’t thought (or known enough) to ask. I’ve used his services for formatting, updating back matter with affiliate links, and uploading to the various platforms, and couldn’t be happier.  - Rosalind James


Dallas Hodge has been working behind the scenes of indie publishing since before it was even a big deal. He has extensive knowledge of the indie publishing business and knows exactly what help indie authors need. He is meticulous with his work, never misses deadlines, and more importantly, is a pleasure to work with. You couldn’t ask for better support. – New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon


For everything from a la carte services to comprehensive management of your indie books, Everything But the Book is the place to go. Owner Dallas Hodge did print and ebook formatting for our group, The Indie Voice, and his work was fast, precise, and professional. He's been involved in indie publishing from the beginning, so he's also a pro at navigating the various platforms and implementing publication strategies. Whether you've just finished your first book, you're a multipublished indie author with twenty titles, or you're a traditionally published author with backlist you'd like to self-publish, I'd definitely recommend Everything But the Book to help you get to the next level. --Jane Graves, New York Times Bestselling Author


In publishing, strategy and experience can mean the difference between success and disappointment.  When competing for visibility and readers, expert advice and high quality standards are key. I attribute my success in joining the ranks of full-time author to the career management and publishing assistance of Dallas Hodge and Everything But the Book.  - Chris Keniston, USA TODAY Bestselling Author


Dallas goes above and beyond the tasks I hire him to do. He suggests ideas to benefit my business as well as being prompt and precise with his work. But even more importantly, I don’t have to worry if the job is well done, which is crucial with my busy schedule.  - Denise Grover Swank, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

03lilianatestimonial If you want quality work and a quick turn around then look no further than Everything But the Book. I’ve found no one better in the industry to provide formatting and uploading services, and as a consultant Dallas Hodge knows his stuff. -New York Times Bestselling Author, Liliana Hart