Digital Content Management? Whaaat?

Yeah, digital content management. It looks like a random collection of corporate buzzwords, like I’m about to start talking about shifting paradigms or something. In reality, though, digital content management is a way that Everything But The Book can save an established author a TON of time and effort.

So, imagine this scenario… you’re a reasonably successful indie author, to the point where this is your career. Congratulations! It’s hard to get to that point! You have… oh, let’s say 10 books, novellas, serials, etc available to your adoring fans. And you have a new release coming out! Woohoo!

You are going to want links to your new release in the back of your entire catalog. (Affiliate links if possible… see previous blog post) Let’s assume that you just stuck with the big five, so your 10 books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google. The links have to be different for each vendor, obviously, so you’re looking at 50 individual files that need to be tweaked with that new release. But your copy edits just came back, you know that social media time with your fans is important, and you haven’t packed yet for that conference in a couple of days!

Long story short, mass updates like that are a tedious slog. I rarely hear my author friends talk about all the time they have, and frankly, unless you have the ability to dig into HTML coding in an EPUB, you’re taking your own life in your hands by even messing with it. So, that’s where I come in! Feel free to click over to the Pricing page, and see what EBTB can do for you to save you time that you’d rather be spending writing! (Or relaxing, God forbid…)

Talk to you next time!

Dallas Hodge

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