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Hello all, and welcome to Everything But The Book, your one-stop shop for all ebook formatting needs!

I’d like to address you not as authors, but rather as readers. I have yet to meet an author who wasn’t also a voracious reader. So, as consumers of the written word, you as readers are uniquely suited to know what you prefer. You know what genres you like to read, you know what covers appeal to your eye. And yet, I can’t tell you how often I run across poorly formatted e-books, whether self-published or traditionally published. To be fair, formatting is a tedious, nit-picky slog for the beginner; this is where Everything But The Book can help you.

To me, the best formatting is that which you don’t notice as a reader. Anything that jars your reader out of the story you have painstakingly crafted is simply not what you want in your e-book! The job of EBTB is to create beautiful e-books that your readers can lose themselves in, that are a pleasure to behold visually.

Please feel free to click over to my Testimonials page, where I keep my satisfied customers. I’ve been blessed to work with some really top-notch authors, and lucky enough to have my fingerprints on books that have sold thousands of copies.

I’m excited to help you realize your dreams of publication! Click over to my contact page, and let’s make beautiful books together!

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